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PPM is a UL Listed Monitoring Station

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Backed by the largest fire alarm distributer in New England, Mammoth Fire Alarms, Inc.(MFA), Property Protection Monitoring (PPM) has become a preferred provider of fire and security monitoring services.

Selecting PPM offers you assurance that in the event of an alarm, the necessary mechanisms are in place to perform accurately and efficiently. We offer you the latest in computer technology and the most highly trained operators in the business.

At PPM we believe that Customer Service is more than simply monitoring our accounts. We supply:

  • Toll Free Service
  • U.L. Listed Monitoring Station
  • Trained and Experienced Operators
  • State of the Art Monitoring Station
  • Remote Download of Select Security Systems
  • Easy Account Activation
  • Touch-Tone “ Do It Yourself” Account Testing
  • Early to Open and Late to Close Reporting

Our expert staff stands ready to support your needs and our sales staff is ready to offer you any number of services that make Property Protection Monitoring, Inc. stand out amongst the crowd.